Self Published (in India)

Published internationally by accident


Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to reviewing self-publish websites.

With a little Google-Foo, it was not long before I was reading a self publishing success-story in the online edition of “The Telegraph”. External links were clicked…

Almost immediately, I was being walked through a “publish your book for free” wizard. It was simple enough as templates were given for different sizes and formats.

Then there was the Recommended Retail Price. 100 Rupees was the suggestion.

What? Yes, I had inadvertently clicked on the Indian edition of The Telegraph. So, in for a penny in for a Pound (or Rupee), I kept going.


Checking my email this morning, they have accepted the request and now, technically, I am published in India.

The online shop listing is here.

The publisher is You can publish your own print or ebook with their Self Publishing wizard.


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