Micropayment Platforms

Reducing the cost of small transactions


If you are taking part in The Bitcoin Challenge, you will need to use micropayments.

Now that you have set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet, you will have a Wallet ID. This ID will be needed to set up your micropayment account.

1 Bitcoin (BTC) can be worth, say, $1000. Many of your earnings will be in much smaller denominations. To avoid excessive transaction charges, some sites use Micropayments to accrue earnings centrally, only paying to your wallet once certain thresholds are reached.

Register your Wallet ID on the following sites

  • FaucetHUB Micropayment Platform by Faucet Gaming Network
  • FaucetSystem Bitcoin Microtransactions service

Next Step

You will now want to see money in your electronic wallet, even if it is a little.

Play Games on your Mobile Device for a quick and easy way to start.


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