Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Make and receive bitcoin payments


Before can proceed with The Bitcoin Challenge, you will need a Bitcoin Wallet.

A Bitcoin Wallet is a bank account for your Bitcoins. With Mobile Bitcoin Wallets, it can be like the bank account is in your phone. Unless you are really careful and follow the initial instructions, if you loose your mobile device you can also lose your Bitcoins.

Mobile Wallets


  • Simple and secure
  • Standalone and outstanding



  • Quick and simple
  • Low resource use as it utilises cloud servers
  • Wallet recovery with passcode



  • Multiple personal and shared wallets
  • Cloud validation


Bitcoin Wallet

  • Easy, fast, reliable and secure
  • De-centralised. Its all on your phone


Next Step

Now that you have set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet, you will have a Wallet ID. This ID will be needed to set up accounts on Micropayment Platforms..

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