Bitcoin Crowdfunding

A social online wallet


cryptojarlogoCryptoJar is a multi-function cloud-based Bitcoin wallet. With a CryptoJar account, you can crowdfund your events, projects, and ideas using Bitcoin. Add friends, send them messages, and buy Bitcoin all in one place. Think of CryptoJar as a mix between Venmo, Tilt, and Kickstarter, but for Bitcoin.

You can access your wallet online at, or download the Android app from the Play Store.


  • Wallet encryption
  • Your Bitcoin wallet is backed up online, accessible from any device, but only by you
  • Link to your Facebook account or manually add friends
  • Send Bitcoin cheaply and quickly, anywhere in the world
  • Crowdfund projects, events and ideas with your friends
  • Chats and group chats
  • Low fee payments
  • Purchase Bitcoin from within the app or from the site

Tip Jar for CanDoFundraising on cryptojar

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