Free Game – Minesweeper

Minesweep for Bitcoins


daologinFlash Minesweeper

Flash Minesweeper is a clone of the classic Windows game, powered by Digital Artists Online(DAO).

  • Login with Facebook via the DAO Widget
  • Earn Bitcoins as you play
  • Claim timed Bitcoin Bonuses (like a faucet)
  • Win bonus Bitcoin jackpots

You must locate all the mines spread over the grid. You start with a grid that is 16×16 squares. Your first click is pure luck whether you hit a mine or not, after that you must use the numbers to decide where the mines are located, and mark them with the spacebar. The numbers will tell you how many mines are near to that particular square. (play here)

daologinD’Alien Games

The highest paying Bitcoin faucets by BitcoinAliens have stopped. The new site, D’Alien Games, lets you play hundreds of free games, earning free Bitcoins as you play. Keep an eye out for the DAO Widget on each page to see if you are signed in, been granted a timed bonus or have won a jackpot.


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