Bitcoin Sudoku

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fogsudokuSudoku Bitcoin Webgame

FOG Sudoku is a newspaper-style game, powered by Digital Artists Online(DAO).

  • Right-click and “play” on the black box if it does not load.
  • Login with Facebook via the DAO Widget
  • Earn Bitcoins as you play
  • Claim timed Bitcoin Bonuses (like a faucet)
  • Win bonus Bitcoin jackpots

The classic mind-wracking math puzzle game is now online! With a brand new look: the old fashioned news paper style.

Fill in each gap with the correct number from 1 to 9. Be careful not to have the same number on a row or column. You have your own scribble pad to help you out in case you need some aid. Start easy at first and go for challenging hard levels afterwards for an awesome experience. (play here)

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