Fighting The Bots

Proving you are human


Remember that link you shared? You know the one. The one with the link statistics that EXPLODED with activity.

This time you’ve cracked it. Your book, Bitcoin link or charity page are finally getting the interest that they deserve. Every time you hit Refresh your heart swells. Until… What is happening? How can so much traffic result in nothing? What is wrong with it/ME?

It may be that you have a killer headline that does not accurately represent your content. It is possible that you have been Attacked by The Bots!

Bots browse, click, like and even post. Other Bots join in and re-post. Stats jump and dance. How can you tell human from robot?

Web developers and content owners have Captchas to Prove You Are Human. You can use these, but your links will have already been pressed. One way is to use QR codes. Robots are less likely to follow these boxes and some people love to scan them.

If you want to see if they work for you, use a link address that is only used in your QR code. That way you can look at your link stats and see how the codes are working for you.

Finally, here is your chance to prove to me that you are human … Or share 🙂




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