Bitcoin Crowdfunding

A social online wallet

cryptojarlogoCryptoJar is a multi-function cloud-based Bitcoin wallet. With a CryptoJar account, you can crowdfund your events, projects, and ideas using Bitcoin. Add friends, send them messages, and buy Bitcoin all in one place. Think of CryptoJar as a mix between Venmo, Tilt, and Kickstarter, but for Bitcoin.

You can access your wallet online at, or download the Android app from the Play Store.


  • Wallet encryption
  • Your Bitcoin wallet is backed up online, accessible from any device, but only by you
  • Link to your Facebook account or manually add friends
  • Send Bitcoin cheaply and quickly, anywhere in the world
  • Crowdfund projects, events and ideas with your friends
  • Chats and group chats
  • Low fee payments
  • Purchase Bitcoin from within the app or from the site

Tip Jar for CanDoFundraising on cryptojar

Valentine Quickies

3 Heart Shaped Sudoku

valentinequickiesFor Valentines Day 2017, here are 3 Heart Shaped Sudoku for you to download for free.

This is a PDF with 1 Easy, 1 Medium and 1 Tricky puzzle.

The puzzles really are heart shaped and they were fun to do, but you will have to wait another year for more.

Download this PDF for free

Watch Videos for Bitcoin

Complete tasks, earn points, withdraw instantly

earnAt this stage of The Bitcoin Challenge our earnings are small, but we have navigated the shark-infested waters of Bitcoin Faucets and their aggressive advertising. It would be useful to be able to earn Bitcoin for doing almost nothing, letting the computer do all the work.

(Why not check out our Earn Money Online section?)

Get paid to watch videos

Who can be bothered to watch hours of adverts for mobile apps, movie trailers and cooking shows? You don’t have to. Most sites will allow multiple browser windows, all running in the background. You will need to mute the sound otherwise it sounds like a bar-fight.

Use the site featured here to:

  • Complete Tasks. Earn points by watching videos and completing simple tasks.
  • Withdraw Instantly. Convert your points into Bitcoin, PayPal,  Bitskins etc.
  • Refer a friend. Referral rewards are 5% on all earnings, with 1,000 bonus when friend verifies account.

(signup with your Google account)



Bitcoin Faucets

Faucets/Taps – they drip!

A Bitcoin Faucet is like a leaky tap. It will drip coin in very small amounts, but over time these drips may become a larger pool.

If you are taking part in The Bitcoin Challenge, you will have already set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet and registered with Micropayment Platforms.

Some Faucet sites require initial registration and login. All require your Wallet ID in order to pay you, or to send coin to your micropayment account.

You may have already registered with D’Alien Games as part of the Play Games and Earn Bitcoin task. The D’Alien website can also be considered a Faucet site. Even though it is new, it is already the highest paying Bitcoin Faucet site out there.

Even the best Faucets pay out small amounts. You are not going to get rich from this challenge task.

It is best to access Faucets from a laptop or Desktop computer.

Recommended Faucets

The following sites have been reliable and paid out as promised.

  • D’Alien GamesA five minute faucet with frequent jackpots. Possibly the highest paying faucet running. Make sure to login via the DAO Widget box.
  • Coin Drip – Roll the Dice every hour to get a tiny win. You also get awarded 1 Lottery Ticket. Collect your tickets and assign them to a Raffle – The odds are great and the payouts impressive. My biggest daily win has come from this site.
  • Hot CoinsPlay every 10 minutes to win small amounts. Chance to win a jackpot on each turn. Easy cash-out to FaucetHub. I do like this site.

Make notes

As you bleed these faucets dry, you wil be offered your own referral links. Make a note of them, you may need them later 😉


Faucet sites make their money from advertising Bitcoin related sites. It is incredible how many of these adverts are scams. Please be careful where you click.

If any of these sites begin to play up, leave a comment and I will revisit the list.

Next Step

If you want to continue to bleed these Faucets dry, go ahead. Since this is going to be labour-intensive for you, would it not be useful for your computer to be running something in the background that is also earning Bitcoin?

Try letting your computer  get paid to Watch Videos and adverts.

Play Games and Earn Bitcoin

Earn a little, quickly

You will want to see money in your electronic wallet, even if it is a little.

The Bitcoin Challenge rules state that you can’t use seed money, so you have to earn some.

Playing games on your mobile device can be a fun way to start filling your wallet.

daologinD’Alien Games

The highest paying Bitcoin faucets by BitcoinAliens have stopped. The new site, D’Alien Games, lets you play hundreds of free games, earning free Bitcoins as you play.

  • Login with Facebook via the DAO Widget
  • Earn Bitcoins as you play
  • Claim timed Bitcoin Bonuses (like a faucet)
  • Win bonus Bitcoin jackpots

Keep an eye out for the DAO Widget on each page to see if you are signed in, been granted a timed bonus or have won a jackpot.

Next Step

Now we can look at Bitcoin Faucets: websites most suited to Laptop and Desktop computers. Keep your wallet in your pocket!

Micropayment Platforms

Reducing the cost of small transactions

If you are taking part in The Bitcoin Challenge, you will need to use micropayments.

Now that you have set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet, you will have a Wallet ID. This ID will be needed to set up your micropayment account.

1 Bitcoin (BTC) can be worth, say, $1000. Many of your earnings will be in much smaller denominations. To avoid excessive transaction charges, some sites use Micropayments to accrue earnings centrally, only paying to your wallet once certain thresholds are reached.

Register your Wallet ID on the following sites

  • FaucetHUB Micropayment Platform by Faucet Gaming Network
  • FaucetSystem Bitcoin Microtransactions service

Next Step

You will now want to see money in your electronic wallet, even if it is a little.

Play Games on your Mobile Device for a quick and easy way to start.


Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Make and receive bitcoin payments

Before can proceed with The Bitcoin Challenge, you will need a Bitcoin Wallet.

A Bitcoin Wallet is a bank account for your Bitcoins. With Mobile Bitcoin Wallets, it can be like the bank account is in your phone. Unless you are really careful and follow the initial instructions, if you loose your mobile device you can also lose your Bitcoins.

Mobile Wallets


  • Simple and secure
  • Standalone and outstanding



  • Quick and simple
  • Low resource use as it utilises cloud servers
  • Wallet recovery with passcode



  • Multiple personal and shared wallets
  • Cloud validation


Bitcoin Wallet

  • Easy, fast, reliable and secure
  • De-centralised. Its all on your phone


Next Step

Now that you have set up your Mobile Bitcoin Wallet, you will have a Wallet ID. This ID will be needed to set up accounts on Micropayment Platforms..