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After my accidental posting of a puzzle book in India, I have now had a go using

The Create Print Book Wizard is easy to use and the templates are helpful.

The Cover Wizard is good, but prevents editing of the front and back cover together (ideal for a saddle stitch book).

Sticking to the free services, I was able to publish a print version to the store. An Author Spotlight link can also be created.

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Check out my own efforts:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Self Published (in India)

Published internationally by accident

Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to reviewing self-publish websites.

With a little Google-Foo, it was not long before I was reading a self publishing success-story in the online edition of “The Telegraph”. External links were clicked…

Almost immediately, I was being walked through a “publish your book for free” wizard. It was simple enough as templates were given for different sizes and formats.

Then there was the Recommended Retail Price. 100 Rupees was the suggestion.

What? Yes, I had inadvertently clicked on the Indian edition of The Telegraph. So, in for a penny in for a Pound (or Rupee), I kept going.


Checking my email this morning, they have accepted the request and now, technically, I am published in India.

The online shop listing is here.

The publisher is You can publish your own print or ebook with their Self Publishing wizard.


Self Publishing Sudoku

Tea-Break Quickies to All-Night Sessions

To start experimenting with Self Publishing, content needs to original. Sudoku is not in itself original, but these puzzles are.

As an illustration here is a free PDF of 60 original Sudoku (5 levels of difficulty – 12 puzzles of each level):

Sudoku cdf00006 – Tea-Break Quickies to All-Night Sessions

Recent Sudoku self publishing

And so we begin

Is it just about the money?

It’s all about the money. But is it? We want freedom from financial worry, but we want to be happy too.

My way of coping is to keep looking. Be happy with what I have, but not miss out if there is something out there.

There will be a lot of dead ends. There will be a lot of scammers. At no point is any cash going to get invested, no matter how tempting the prize!

There will be posts about Self Publishing, posts about Bitcoins and posts about Online Surveys with other ways to earn money online.

It’s going to be lonely for a while.