Self Published on Amazon

The long way round


Success of sorts

Well, I finally did it. My Sudoku series has made it onto Amazon in the USA, UK and parts of Continental Europe.

I have been creating these puzzles since 2010 and have a library of over 1200.

This has been an interesting excercise. The final stages were incredibly easy, making it abundantly clear that I had gone the long way round.

Like many bloggers, I would like to share my experiences. I would like to describe the easiest route, only that was not the route I took. In order to share, I must try again. In March.  Wish me luck!

The long way round

After some Googling on the subject, I found an article by a successful author on free publishing. So I clicked her link and followed the easy steps to get my book in print. Only at the end of the process did I realise that I had published in India.

Then there was this great free site in the USA. The cover design tool was fantastic and if you get there via a referral link, you should get your proof copy for free. The distribution options never seemed to be available and I eventually gave up.

Twitter exposed me to many successful self publishers and their preferred print-on-demand publishers. From there I found myself on what seemed to be just another site turned out to be the easiest way to get your book on the Amazon platform. The site is CreateSpace and is an Amazon company.


Currenly available on the following Amazon sites (product links):
France | Germany | Italy | Spain | United Kingdom | United States

Self Published (in India)

Published internationally by accident

Yesterday was supposed to be dedicated to reviewing self-publish websites.

With a little Google-Foo, it was not long before I was reading a self publishing success-story in the online edition of “The Telegraph”. External links were clicked…

Almost immediately, I was being walked through a “publish your book for free” wizard. It was simple enough as templates were given for different sizes and formats.

Then there was the Recommended Retail Price. 100 Rupees was the suggestion.

What? Yes, I had inadvertently clicked on the Indian edition of The Telegraph. So, in for a penny in for a Pound (or Rupee), I kept going.


Checking my email this morning, they have accepted the request and now, technically, I am published in India.

The online shop listing is here.

The publisher is You can publish your own print or ebook with their Self Publishing wizard.