Watch YouTube for Bitcoin

The YouTube Faucet


Watch YouTube videos for Bitcoin

Watch YouTube Videos and get rewarded in Bitcoin. The site is powered by Digital Artists Online(DAO).

  • Login with Facebook via the DAO Widget. (scroll down)
  • Earn Bitcoins as you watch
  • Claim timed Bitcoin Bonuses (like a faucet)
  • Win bonus Bitcoin jackpots


Earn rewards for watching videos (in partnership with Digital Artists Online), simply enter any Youtube URL, or click on any of the featured videos. (e.g. watch “Sword Art Online”)


Watch Videos for Bitcoin

Complete tasks, earn points, withdraw instantly

earnAt this stage of The Bitcoin Challenge our earnings are small, but we have navigated the shark-infested waters of Bitcoin Faucets and their aggressive advertising. It would be useful to be able to earn Bitcoin for doing almost nothing, letting the computer do all the work.

(Why not check out our Earn Money Online section?)

Get paid to watch videos

Who can be bothered to watch hours of adverts for mobile apps, movie trailers and cooking shows? You don’t have to. Most sites will allow multiple browser windows, all running in the background. You will need to mute the sound otherwise it sounds like a bar-fight.

Use the site featured here to:

  • Complete Tasks. Earn points by watching videos and completing simple tasks.
  • Withdraw Instantly. Convert your points into Bitcoin, PayPal,  Bitskins etc.
  • Refer a friend. Referral rewards are 5% on all earnings, with 1,000 bonus when friend verifies account.

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