Earn money online

There are many sites that pay you small amounts for simple online tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, entering competitions and click-through shopping.

As new sites are reviewed, they will be included in this list, so see you back here soon.


This well established site provides a steady income of Amazon Gift Cards.

( They also pay by PayPal but it feels less like winning)

Ways to earn

  • Take surveys (the best way of getting paid quickly)
  • Watch Videos
  • Shop with partners
  • Use Swagbucks Search (a yahoo search)
  • Discover (sign up for offers and partner sites)
  • Install Mobile apps

Click to start earning


Who can be bothered to watch hours of adverts for mobile apps, movie trailers and cooking shows? You don’t have to. Most sites will allow multiple browser windows, all running in the background. You will need to mute the sound otherwise it sounds like a bar-fight.

Earn and share

  • Complete Tasks. Earn points by watching videos and completing simple tasks.
  • Withdraw Instantly. Convert your points into PayPal, Bitcoin, Bitskins etc.
  • Refer a friend. Referral rewards are 5% on all earnings, with 1,000 bonus when friend verifies account.

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